Shoe Protectors.

Who remembers putting these on their shoes or boots?


2 thoughts on “Shoe Protectors.

  1. Lots of lads at my senior school circa 1973-74 used to have their favorite shoes, Kingsway Diamonds or tasseled Loafers, properly tipped and quartered at the local shoe cobbler. Clicking their way down the school corridors. So cool, so hard.

    If you couldn’t scrape the money together, or your mum wouldn’t let you, then Blakey’s were your salvation. They were brilliant…for a while, until they wore thin and broke off. Normally one would go before the other, leaving you clicking every alternate step. Not cool!

    Never mind, whip ’em out and start again.

    Confession: I even put Blakey’s in my first pair of Brothel Creepers! I loved them so much. I so lost my street cred.

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